Switching Utilities

Welcome to Switching Utilities - If you are looking to cut your electricity or gas bills then think about changing your energy provider. Switching your electric and gas provider and utility company is easy just select the any of the companies below and get a free quote.

Scottish PowerScottish Power - www.scottishpower.co.uk

ScottishPower has been supplying people's homes with Gas and Electricity for over 50 years. They are suppliers for over 3.5 million homes, that's why they're 'The Energy People'

We generate electricity, operate and maintain large power delivery networks and provide a full range of energy supply services, including metering, billing and call centre support.


Energy HelplineEnergy Helpline - www.energyhelpline.com

Energyhelpline.com, Firsthelpline.com and Greenhelpline.com help customers save money on their gas & electricity, green energy suppliers, business energy and business phones through a price comparison service. The service is only available for UK addresses.

Once they have found the right service for them they can sign up by filling in a few simple details and they do the rest of the admin for you. Typical energy savings are £393 for an average house for energy. Businesses can typically cut their bills by 15% - 20% which can often be thousands of pounds.


CalorCalor - www.calor.co.uk

alor.co.uk are experts in Liquefied Petroleom Gas (LPG) and have been powering rural homes and gas appliances’ for more than 75 years. With years of experience and with excellent customer service Calor has built a well-established trusted brand.

Whether it’s a portable Calor fire keeping you cosy and warm in winter or a stylish BBQ and patio heater helping you wine and dine al fresco in the summer, Calor can help. You can benefit from their trusted household name and their appliance “with gas” packages.


British Gas Sainsburys EnergyBritish Gas Sainsburys Energy - www.sainsburysenergy.com

Sainsbury's Energy is a new partnership between two of the UK's leading companies Sainsbury’s and British Gas, providing sustainable energy solutions to homes across the UK.

Combining our customer service and energy expertise, they will provide a new re-defined approach to supporting customer's energy needs. We will then understand how to get the best value from their energy and how they can also reduce their energy bills through our range of green technology products.

To help you choose the right energy tariff for you, they have simplified our tariffs to just two types, Variable and Fixed. Their Variable tariffs change price in line with the cost of energy, meaning your gas and electricity price could go up or down. Their Fixed gas and electricity tariffs will remain at the same rates for a fixed term, giving you peace of mind.


A Shade GreenerA Shade Greener - www.ashadegreener.co.uk

A Shade Greener are the largest provider of domestic solar panel installations in the UK and they offer our services completely FREE.

A Shade Greener FREE solar panels can cut a household electricity bill by around 50%, what's more is that they insure and maintain the equipment for 25 years.

All of this is at zero cost to our customers. A Shade Greener get paid by the energy companies for each kWh of electricity generated by the solar panels we install, meaning they do not need to charge customers, givingthem genuine savings.


Switch Your Energy Provider

Compare gas and electricity suppliers and prices online and reduce your fuel bills. Change to a cheap gas and or cheap electricity price plan and provider including green energy tariffs and you could save up to £325 a year.

Here at Swithcing Utilities we can help you get the cheapest Gas & Electricity prices in the UK get the very latest gas and electric information in the UK. Switch your suppliers today and save on your monthly or quarterly bill.